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Empower & Promote Your Brand in Viewlets

Postby vmarm » Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:27 pm

The Viewletin
An Inside ‘Take’ on All Things Viewlet
~by ViewletMarm

It’s important to stay true to your brand. It doesn’t matter if you create Viewlets for a segment of a big corporation, a small business, an educational institution, etc., each has their own distinct brand. And, whether you think about it or not (and you should), in the professional world, it’s all about the brand and the devil is in the details.

What does this have to do with Viewlets? That’s easy. Whether you create Viewlets using ViewletBuilder or ViewletQuiz, there will always been some sort of ‘branding’ that you will incorporate in the elements within your Flash video that promote you/your organization. It could be something as simple as the colors used throughout or as intricate as carefully crafted design standards to be applied to all the elements within the Viewlet. Either way, Qarbon’s authoring software products stay true to their ease-of-use nature, offering you flexible tools to empower and successfully promote your brand. One comes in the form of Stylesheets.

In past versions, Stylesheets were available, but were very limited. Now, you have the ability to greatly customize your Stylesheets to control a large number of elements in your project. Through the use of customizable styles and a detailed list of attributes, the tasks of protecting, empowering and promoting your brand has never been easier.


How do Stylesheets enable you to effectively style your Viewlets to successfully promote your brand in little or no time?

Check these out:

• Customizable Stylesheets allow you to create new styles and edit existing ones.

• Apply one or multiple attributes to styles, easily selected from a built-in list.

• Control project elements from a high level (i.e. text properties at the slide level), having them cascade down the styles.

• Override cascading attributes at the various style levels as needed.

• Create new Stylesheets for each aggregate of Viewlet projects.

• Apply Stylesheets to new projects.

• Quickly update Stylesheets as your organization grows and your brand evolves, making global project changes almost instantly—in just a few clicks.

• …and so on and so on…

To learn more about the new powerful Stylesheets tool in ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz...


...check out this Stylesheets Flash demo. is a YouTube version of this tutorial

Do it now--it's YOUR brand!

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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