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Qarbon ViewletCentral - The Key to Viewlet Sharing & More...

Postby vmarm » Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:24 pm

The Viewletin
An Inside ‘Take’ on All Things Viewlet
~by ViewletMarm

In the olden days, Qarbon Viewlet Authors wanting to share their Viewlets with colleagues, students, trainees and clients, had limited options. Those lucky enough might have access to a company / personal web space. In some cases, that web space (especially for professional trainers and academics) was in the form of a Learning Management System (LMS). Other Viewlet Authors used the 'zip up the files and email them to the viewer' method. Though handy, this required the viewer understand how to unzip a file on their end and then know which file to double-click to launch the Viewlet. Easy as this might sound to many of us, there are even more that found this whole 'zipper' deal way too complex--and gave up without ever watching the intended Viewlet.

Nowadays, there are more options to share files (like Viewlets), including the ability for Qarbon Viewlet Authors to publish FLV (Viewlets) directly to YouTube from ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz. What do you do, however, if you don't have web space or want to use YouTube? Do you go back to the 'zip' method? No, no, NO. Qarbon ViewletCentral is the solution--and it's absolutely free to test drive!

Qarbon ViewletCentral, simply defined, is a comprehensive server-based system that allows you to store, manage and deploy your Viewlets as well as gather important usage statistics. Click this link to learn more about ViewletCentral.

And, as a Viewlet Author, you can:

  • Publish your Viewlets directly to Qarbon ViewletCentral in just a few clicks.
  • Easily share the URL to where your Viewlet is published on Qarbon ViewletCentral with viewers (via email, in IM, on a web site, etc.)
  • Take advantage of Qarbon ViewletCentral's powerful Viewlet utilization tools to see who is watching your Viewlet and track their interactions.

And, did I say it was free? Yes, you can sign up for a Qarbon ViewletCentral Free Discovery account to get started. This account will allow you to publish up to two (2) Viewlets to your account at any time and also explore all the features available to you in Qarbon ViewletCentral at no risk to you.

All free accounts will have a small banner ad over the top of the Viewlet and look something like this:



Learn how to sign up for your own Qarbon ViewletCentral account.

Once you sign up for your Qarbon ViewletCentral account, you can then publish your Viewlets directly from your Qarbon Authoring software (ViewletBuilder or ViewleQuiz) in just a few clicks.


Learn how to publish your Viewlets directly to Qarbon ViewletCentral.

The beauty of Qarbon ViewletCentral doesn't stop there. Not only can you publish your Viewlets directly to Qarbon ViewletCentral, share the published URL with your viewers and track Viewlet utilization, you can also upgrade to a paid subscription at any time based on your evolving Viewlet Authoring needs. Click here to check out the current Qarbon ViewletCentral plans.

So no more excuses. The next time you need to share your Viewlets, think Qarbon ViewletCentral.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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