Dynamic Bullet Lists w/Alignment & Distribution Tools

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Dynamic Bullet Lists w/Alignment & Distribution Tools

Postby vmarm » Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:18 pm

The Viewletin
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~by ViewletMarm

Viewlets are the perfect way to present information in visually appealing and eye catching ways. And, as is the case, there is usually more then one way to achieve the same results. As a Viewlet Author, the more you work with Qarbon’s ViewletBuilder or ViewletQuiz, the more you will realize this. In fact, that’s the point of this blog. Let me explain.

Recently, a Viewlet Author asked: “How do I align text after a bullet (hanging indents)?”

The easiest (and probably most mundane) approach would be to copy/paste all the bullet list items into a single text box. Then, to line up the hanging indents, press the Enter key after each line and space the hanging indent lines until they align with the line above. Not the only approach, but a simple one. This is a great way for newbie Viewlet Authors (and those under a time crunch) to include a basic element (bullet lists) into their Viewlet demos, but…


…what if you want to animate how your bullet points display to the viewer? Or, what do you do if you want to sync up individual sound bytes with each individual bullet point? Using the basic approach (all bullet items—text and symbols—included in the same text box) is fine for static content, but not if you REALLY want to engage, educate and retain your Viewlet viewers’ attention. It’s time to dig further.

Did you know that ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz offer ‘hidden gems’ throughout the applications in the form of tools that allow you to take your Viewlet Authoring to the next level? In this example, by breaking out the bullet list elements into separate text boxes and then selecting multiple text boxes, you will gain access to a series of alignment and distribution tools…


…giving you, the Viewlet Author, more control of the design elements on your slide (in this case, the bullet list).


Check out this Viewlet to see what I mean.

If you think about it, you can use this same Viewlet Authoring design technique in all your ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz projects. Breaking out individual slide elements allows you more control as you incorporate animations, events, actions, sounds, etc. to your Viewlet demo. But, as always, that’s a topic for another blog.

Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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