Sales Viewlet Closes the Deal on Craigslist

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Sales Viewlet Closes the Deal on Craigslist

Postby vmarm » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:41 pm

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~by ViewletMarm

Did you know that Viewlets are an amazing way to catch a customer’s eye and engage their attention to quickly close a sale? Here’s the proof. This past summer, I decided to sell my 1996 Jeep Grande Cherokee and planned to post it on But, I found the options for showing images of my Jeep limiting. I knew I had a fantastic vehicle for sale, but how could I make my listing stand out from the crowd? Of course! Why not use ViewletBuilder to create a sales video? It IS so easy to do and results ARE amazing. Not only that, but by publishing my Flash Viewlet to Qarbon ViewletCentral—a topic for another blog—I reused the SAME Viewlet slideshow on multiple listings.

Check out what I did to create the pefect sales Viewlet to quickly close the deal:

1. Using a digital camera, I snapped interior and exterior shots of my Jeep.

2. In ViewletBuilder, I imported the images using the ‘Image Project’ type.

3. Inside ViewletBuilder, I sorted the various image thumbnails (now embedded as background frames on slides) to show off the Jeep in the best order possible.

4. I created a ‘Master Slide’ in which I place a rectangle to frame the Jeep and applied this Master Slide to all the slides in the Viewlet project.

At this point while editing my project, I realized it wasn’t enough to just create a standard slideshow, I needed to add ‘more punch’ to my sales Viewlet if I wanted to sell my Jeep quickly, so...

5. I added ‘Fade’ slide transitions, so as the Viewlet played, it faded out before presenting the next view…a great way to catch the viewer’s eye and keep them engaged!

6. Looping was essential (as it would be for any sales or tradeshow Viewlet) and very easy to apply by selecting this feature in Project Properties > Flash > Options.

7. For professional polish, I customized the ‘Qista’ ViewletSkin applied to the published Flash sales Viewlet.

I published the Flash Viewlet to Qarbon ViewletCentral, embedding the URL (to where the Viewlet was published on ViewletCentral) in my Craigslist posting.


In case you missed it, click this link to see the Viewlet that helped me sell my Jeep so quickly. And, because I published this Viewlet to Qarbon ViewletCentral, I was able to reuse the same URL (for my Jeep’s sales video) in other postings I made at other sites. But, as I would learn, this wasn’t necessary because…

…within a short time, I sold my Jeep for almost full asking price. The customer who purchased my Jeep told me as I was signing over title that the (Viewlet) slideshow in my Craigslist ad not only caught his eye, but ‘sold’ him on buying my Jeep.

So you can see how Qarbon’s tools (in this case, ViewletBuilder and Qarbon ViewletCentral) make for a powerful combination to engage customers and quickly close sales. The proof is in the Viewlet!

Before you go, check out this Viewlet puzzler (created using one of ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz question types). You’ll have to check out my next blog for more details on how you too can entertain and educate your viewers with interactive Quiz Viewlets.


Until next time...
Happy Viewleting!


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