Troubleshooting YouTube Publishing Issues

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Troubleshooting YouTube Publishing Issues

Postby Rado » Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:19 am

Because of the way Google connected Google Accounts, YouTube Channels and Google+ Pages together, you may run into issues while trying to publish to YouTube from ViewletBuilder. You may get "Invalid Credentials" or similar error messages for accounts that previously worked, or while trying to set up a new YouTube publishing target within ViewletBuilder. The same login information may still work on the YouTube website. Here are the most common causes:

1. YouTube account linked to a Google Account

* please note that this only applies to older YouTube accounts, created before YouTube was merged with Google Accounts. Currently, new YouTube accounts can only be created using a Google Account.

If you have recently linked a YouTube account with a Google Account, it means your former YouTube login name is no longer valid and the email address and password associated with the Google Account must be used to publish to YouTube. Please note that this does not necessarily have to be a GMail address. Google Apps accounts are also supported.

To see if your YouTube account is linked to a Google Account (please note the term "linked" - this is different to "connected" Facebook and Twitter accounts) just open the YouTube Advanced Account Settings. If the "Change Password" link sends you to a Google Account page, your YouTube account is linked to a Google Account.


2. YouTube account without a Channel

If you have a YouTube account, but no Channel, you may be unable to create a YouTube publishing target and/or publish to your YouTube account. To create a Channel, just visit the YouTube Account Settings, and click "Create Channel". Please note that this may force you to create a Google+ profile at the same time.


3. YouTube Channel linked to a Google+ Page

If you link your existing YouTube Channel to a Google+ Page, this may result in a new, randomly generated login that will need to be used for publishing, even if you can still access your YouTube account using the browser with your original credentials. You will be able to find the new login information (and generate a password) when you access the Advanced Settings of your Google+ Page. The address will end in


If none of the above scenarios applies to you, and you still cannot publish to YouTube, feel free to respond to this thread or use our Technical Support form for assistance.

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