Custom HTML Frame that supports SWF and MP4 (for iPad)

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Custom HTML Frame that supports SWF and MP4 (for iPad)

Postby James » Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:35 pm

If you want to produce an output that will play in Flash whenever possible and fallback to Video for the iPhone/iPad, this workaround will help.

The HTML frame you need is attached to this post. You need to copy this file to the ViewletBuilder Library folder, located in the "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\ViewletBuilder7 Enterprise\Library\HtmlFrames" folder. For Professional or ViewletQuiz the Documents folder will be different obviously.

This HTML frame is just a workaround solution. To use it, you need to select it in the "Project Properties" -> "HTML Frame" section, the frame name is "StandardAndVideo". Then you need to publish the project two times in the same folder, first time to the "SWF" format and then to the "MP4" format. This process will create both required formats, one default for flash and second, video format, for iPad, iPhone. The HTML file will then run the content based on the browser.

You need run the Viewlet by using the _SWF version HTML, for example: sample_viewlet_swf.html.
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