How many questions can a quiz published for SCORM 2004 have?

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How many questions can a quiz published for SCORM 2004 have?

Postby Jo » Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:25 am

There is a limit to how many questions can be handled, and the limit will vary depending on the LMS and the browser. The limiting factor is the size of the data element containing information needed to resume an interrupted quiz. After each question, the Viewlet sends the LMS a compressed form of all the data needed to resume the quiz if it is interrupted. When an interrupted Viewlet is resumed, the Viewlet retrieves that data from the LMS and uses it to restore the Viewlet to its previous state. The data needed for resuming is cumulative and gets larger with each question. At some point it will become too large. The symptoms may vary depending on the LMS, but in the one customer example that we have seen, the LMS continued normally except that the data needed for resuming only included the first 150 or so questions.

We are not sure if it is the norm, but in some LMSs all reporting is done using the HTTP GET protocol. HTTP GET has a limit on the amount of data that can be sent and it depends on both the server and the client (the browser). Most web servers have a default limit of 8 KB which can be configured. In case this is exceeded, an HTTP error is returned.

As for the browsers, this is more complex. The limit in MSIE and Safari is about 2KB, in Opera about 4 KB, and in Firefox about 8 KB. Chrome probably has a large enough limit as well. This post on the Microsoft website confirms that up to IE 8 the GET request limit was 2048 bytes: Information on newer versions is not clear but it is probably either 2 KB or 5 KB. The 2 KB supported in all environments is sufficient for approximately 150 questions.

For both pedagogical and technical reasons, we recommend that the number of questions in a single Viewlet for SCORM publication be kept under 150.
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