Standalone Projector compatibility

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Standalone Projector compatibility

Postby Rado » Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:25 am

ViewletBuilder's CD / DVD / Executable target allows you to publish your projects into standalone self-sufficient projectors, which do not rely on Flash player being available on the target computer, or on the computer's browser. The Publishing Dialog allows you to select one of the supported platforms as needed. ViewletBuilder will produce executable binary files in the directory of your choice.

CD / DVD / Executable target

  • For Windows, an EXE file is produced. The executable is 32bit, and is fully compatible with both 32 and 64bit editions of Windows, up to Windows 8.
  • For Linux, a 32bit binary is created, as the 64bit version of the standalone Flash player has not been made available. This binary will play on 32bit desktop editions of Linux, but will not play on 64bit editions, unless you install the 32bit libraries (which may or may not be installed by default). If installing the 32bit libraries is not an option for your target audience, we recommend publishing into the standard SWF format (with HTML wrapper), as this is properly supported by Linux web browsers with the built-in Flash player on both, 32 and 64bit editions.

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