What to do if Auto-Update fails to install?

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What to do if Auto-Update fails to install?

Postby Rado » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:42 am

Under rare circumstances, 3rd party security software (such as Privilege Guard) or strict security policies may prevent auto-update from completing successfully. In such cases, ViewletBuilder usually detects that a new version is available, downloads the installer, and starts the installation of the new version. However, the installer disappears before completing.

If this happens to you, just download the most recent version manually from the Download Page (make sure you download the same major version of the product as you are currently using) then quit ViewletBuilder and install over your existing copy. Your license information, settings, and projects will be preserved.

Please keep reporting any issues with installation or Auto-Update that you encounter so that we can evaluate and address them, and do not forget to include information about your operating system and any additional software that might be affecting the installation. Thank you!

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