Validation Messages - what do they mean?

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Validation Messages - what do they mean?

Postby Rado » Mon Aug 20, 2012 9:43 am

In this post, we'll try to provide more details about the error messages that you may encounter when you validate your project. This feature is new in ViewletBuilder7, and it was designed to make it easier for you to identify and fix the most common issues, such as Multiple Choice - Single Answer question with no correct answer, or missing resource files. If you haven't tried it yet, just select Validate Project from the Project menu.

We'll start with this SCORM related error:

Slide 123 - Quiz contains characters that can't be displayed in SCORM reporting. If you will be publishing to SCORM consider enabling "Use Choice Indexes for SCORM Reporting"

A limitation of SCORM is that the correct and learner responses for multiple choice questions (technically, SCORM short identifiers) allow only numbers, ASCII characters and certain symbols. The symbols allowed are:
- ( ) + . : = @ ; $ _ ! * ' %

Punctuation not listed above and spaces are not allowed in SCORM short identifiers but do not trigger the warning. ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz will replace them by underscores in short identifier responses sent for SCORM reporting. The warning will appear if the response text contains text in non-Latin character sets. If you don't use SCORM, you can safely select "Use Choice Indexes for SCORM Reporting" in “Project Properties - Scoring Options" to get rid of this warning.

If you do use SCORM, you can double-click the error message and the affected slide will be selected. You can either adjust the question and remove the special characters, or you can use the "Use Choice Indexes" option. The “Use Choice Indexes” option is selected by default for Asian languages.

You can find more details about the "Use Choice Indexes for SCORM Reporting" option in this forum post.

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