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Audio Editing Options

Postby James » Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:27 am

Question from @chickenfight / Patrick M.

Is is possible to edit audio in ViewletBuilder 7 Pro? Is it possible to stop audio recording from keyboard instead of a mouseclick?

These are great questions!

Audio Editing: We made an internal decision to not allow too many audio editing features given the abundance of tools available out there that most professionals already use to polish with. We are planning a few new features in the near future to add Crop Audio, Waveform, and Volume adjustments. I think over time we will continue to add more and more options here:

Here is an example of how the Waveform might look on the timeline instead of the bar we have now:
signwave.png (673 Bytes) Viewed 6725 times

Once the Waveform is available it will be easier to know where to crop dead air, etc.

Some tips that might help.

The sound recorder currently has the option to Save the sound file out to another location to edit and import back in. We have another feature request open to make this an Open File option so you can open directly in an audio editor and save is back to your project without leaving ViewletBuilder.

savesound.png (21 KiB) Viewed 6725 times

The Open File option makes more sense now in ViewletBuilder7 since we moved to a local resource folder rather than use the Temp directory during project editing and then package everything back into a QVP file. You can now navigate to your Project folder and drill down to the Resource folder. You could open the files from here with your audio editor and save them back and they will get picked up next time you open the QVPX file.


Keyboard navigation options for the Sound Recorder: This is a great suggestion but something we don't support today. I created a feature request for you.

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