Smooth Start Tip #1: Is my PC strong enough?

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Smooth Start Tip #1: Is my PC strong enough?

Postby Jim » Tue Jun 13, 2006 7:23 pm

Check the system upon which ViewletBuilder is to be installed to be sure that it can run ViewletBuilder efficiently. The official minimum system requirements are online at:

Systems with a processor speed of 1 MHz or better, and 1 MB of RAM or
more seem to work best. The system should also have plenty of storage
available (disk space).

If your system is at or near the minimum system requirements, the following tips can be of help.

Authors having performance problems eliminate most such issues by

a) using the latest version available, and

b) closing all applications that are not directly involved in creating your Viewlets (including background applications like anti-virus, anti-spam, and chat and e-mail programs, and especially programs that run automatically like update utilities, automatic system scans and screen savers).

The latest version of ViewletBuilder can be downloaded from:

It is also good practice to close all other applications - including
background programs before installing any software.


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