Can I launch any file type from the hyperlink option

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Can I launch any file type from the hyperlink option

Postby James » Tue Mar 20, 2007 11:58 am


Although the list of options says

WEB (this can be a URL to anything - local and on the web)

The web option can point to an absolute URL which could be MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, PowerPoint files, etc

See the above link for a sample picture calling a word doc onClick


If you wanted to call a file on your PC or would use a different format:

[file:///(drive):/(path to file including complete filename xxx.doc for example)]

So if I wanted to call a file on my C: drive called susan.pdf

I would put in the WEB page [file:///c:/susan.pdf]

If you move the viewlet away from your have to maintain the same file logic or it wont work...calling a file on the network would help, but then each person would have to have the same network drive letter.

So if the network drive on your PC is F: but H: on Joe's PC...your links
to F: won't work on Joe's PC.

FTP your files to a place that is the same for all and link to it :)

This will work both in ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz

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