ViewletBuilder4 Viewlet is Blank when Previewed

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ViewletBuilder4 Viewlet is Blank when Previewed

Postby Andrew » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:49 pm

We discovered a ViewletBuilder4 issue today that causes the Viewlet to be unable to display.

Its a rare combination of settings that can make this happen and seems to be a result of a flash player update since ViewletBuilder4 was released.
The problem only happens if you have the following combination:

A Viewlet compiled with ViewletBuilder4
The width of the Viewlet is greater than 1300.
Its running with Flash 9 player or higher
It has a preloader, via the checkbox "Display a waiting animation while the viewlet is being loaded"

The best way to workaround it is to either turn off the pre-loader or upgrade to ViewletBuilder6 or newer and recompile your project.
Andrew Branch

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