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What's New in ViewletCam2

Postby James » Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:53 pm


Here is a brief snapshot of what's in VCam2

1. Supports Vista/Win7.
2. Added another export mode, swf7, which use another compress method for larger output files.
3. Add narration to an existing file while it is playing.
4. More powerful words edit function. You can edit single words in a paragraph, change its color, size, font,etc.
5. Added new effects to the mouse.
6. Support the .png file format, that can be imported to VC directly.
7. Re-design of the loading Screen and play control bar.
8. New word background, new note styles.
9. Exporting large file to swf file is supported.
10. PowerPoint 2007 support
11. Flash 10+ support

In VCam1 there was around a 28min limit on the length due to a single movie Flash constraint on the number of frames allowed.
In VCam2 we redesigned the output to support 1-2 hrs of playback.


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