Capturing Audio During VCam Recording Session

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Capturing Audio During VCam Recording Session

Postby vmarm » Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:56 am

When you record your PowerPoint presentations or movie files (like YouTube videos) and have issues with the audio not synching with the video portion, here's some troubleshooting tips for you to explore:

1. Inside ViewletCam2, select "Tools" > "Options" from the menu bar.
2. In the dialog that displays, make sure you have the "ViewletCam" tab is selected.
3. In the top--"Capture Mode"--section, increase the "Capture times per sec" (frame rate capture) to "10". This will increase the number of frames captured per second and though it will increase the file size, when synched with audio, the results are a lot smoother then a lesser frame capture rate.


4. In the "Audio" section (same tab), select (check) the "Audio" option.
5. Click the "Setup" button next to "Audio".
6. In the dialog that displays, in the "Sound source" section, select "Computer".
7. In the "Sample rate" section, select "44100 Samples per sec" for highest quality audio capture. This will also increase the file size, however, it will also improve audio synching results.


Once these settings are set, click "OK" in all the open dialogs until you return to the main ViewletCam2 interface. Capture your ViewletCam2 video as your normally would (making sure the "Record Sound" is selected prior to capture). You might also want to run some quick "audio level capture" tests in some smaller projects and tweak your computer's volume level for the best results during capture.

One last tip: Back in ViewletCam2, make sure that your Sound layer is synched with the Main Graphics layer. It should be by default, but to check, select and then right click on the Sound layer, select "Properties" from the shortcut menu. In the dialog that displays, make sure the "Synchronized Streaming Sound" option is selected (checked). Publish and preview results.

Good luck and Happy Viewlet-ing!

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