Tips for embedding Flash movies into ViewletBuilder

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Tips for embedding Flash movies into ViewletBuilder

Postby James » Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:49 pm

Starting in ViewletBuilder5, we added the ability to import SWF files into ViewletBuilder. The original design was to allow simple animations to be played back like an animated Correct or InCorrect, etc.

As the demand for more options increased here, we eventually expanded this to include movie files that were converted to SWF. What happens is the movie (.avi, .wmv, .mpeg) is converted to .flv and then an SWF container is created to play it back correctly since the .flv format is not something you can easily view without a specific player.

Working with this new type of SWF created some issues as we could no longer recompile the SWF into a single output file like we could with the simple animation files. If you look in the output folder after compile, you will notice that your SWF movie files are located in the folder. We write those out and then have the Viewlet play those for you as a separate Flash file.

If you are planning to embed video into your Viewlet, there are some tips/guidelines that I would like to share with you that will make sure your courses stream well over the internet while preserving the quality. Most of you should be using a Video to SWF converter which will give you some output parameters you can adjust. I will share the recommended config options for different bandwidth settings now.

If you want to support someone on Dial-up:


If you want to support Youtube 4:3


If you want to support Youtube 16:9


If you want to support Youtube 16:9 HQ


If you want to support Cinema 16:9 Wide


If you wanted to support DivX quality (which is a 640x480 movie)


Through trial and error, I've found that the conversion settings for Youtube 4:3 work very well for streaming over the internet.
If you have a widescreen move then the Youtube 16:9 normal and HQ settings work well.

One of the nice features we added was an internal movie preloader. This will determine your bandwidth and preload a portion of the
movie so it should stream without interruption. If after posting to your webserver or ViewletCentral you experience video hiccuping, this
is due to either an inconsistent bandwidth or a video bitrate too high. This may not show up during local testing because your hard drive
will access this movie at lightening fast speeds so the bandwidth available is off the charts.

Here is a look at what the maximum settings are for each of the variables. The farther away from the maximums you can go, the better
your Viewlet will stream to all your internet users. If your course is on a CD or Intranet, then you can afford higher quality settings.

videotoswf_max.png (11.59 KiB) Viewed 9168 times

Hopefully this was helpful.


If you are in need of a Video to SWF converter, this one works well for $26:

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