Quality Issues with IE8

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Quality Issues with IE8

Postby vmarm » Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:04 am

As you play back a Viewlet in IE8, resize its browser window. As you do this, see if you notice that the image quality starts to blur and loses quality. This may be due to IE8 miscalculating the width/height of the Viewlet. This image quality issue with IE8 will be resolved in ViewletBuilder6.1.6. For now, if you are experiencing this issue, here's a workaround:

-Open your project in ViewletBuilder6.
-Select "Project > Project Properties" from the Menu bar.
-In the "Project Properties" window, select "HTML Frame" from the left navigation menu.
-Select "Standard.qframe" from the HTML frame drop-down list.
-Select the "$VIEWLET_NAME$_viewlet_swf.html" file to highlight it.
-Click the "Modify" (pencil icon) button to open the "Resource Properties" window.


-In the "Resource Properties" window, type in the following code (or copy it from this post):

flashTag.addParameter("scale", "noscale");

You can type (or paste) the above code after this line of code (which you may need to scroll down to see):

flashTag.addParameter("allowScriptAccess", "always");


-In the "Resource Properties" window, click "OK".
-In the "Project Properties" window, click the "Save as Default Properties" button. This will save this information for this and all new projects.
-Click "OK" to save the information and to close the "Project Properties" window.

Republish the Viewlet project and play it back in IE8 to confirm the image quality is fixed.

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