How did I disable the IE help from opening

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How did I disable the IE help from opening

Postby James » Fri Jun 26, 2009 9:55 am

There are some customers who create screencaptures/tutorials on applications that use the F1 key to perform some function. When you create your
Viewlet you can create an event called [OnKeyPressed] and assign a action to it. When you run the Viewlet in Internet Explorer (IE) and you hit your F1 key, the Microsoft HELP application opens up on you. Here is a trick to disable this from happening so your Event will work as planned.

Open up your Project Properties and go to the HTML Frames area.

Double click on the HTML frame to edit the code. You can also click the pencil icon.


Find the code
Code: Select all
<script language="JavaScript" src="FlashTag.js"></script>

Add this code into the HTML frame:

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<script language="JavaScript">
  window.onhelp = function() { return false };

Just after...


Save and republish the Viewlet


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