How to create a presentation with spanning audio

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How to create a presentation with spanning audio

Postby James » Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:46 pm

One of the common questions is how to create a presentation with a single audio file that plays across all slides, or a series of slides.

Currently we support Slide by Slide recording as most of our customers prefer to narrate this way so the possibility of redoing a longer
audio segment is reduced. We feel that recording in smaller chunks will be easier in the long run.

There are cases where it might be more useful to record audio for a series of slides so until we add this option, there are a few workarounds.

1) You can record a background soundtrack that will play across all slides, but its important to time each slide to match the audio. This original
design of this feature was to allow background sounds to be played during the presentation (music, etc). This is designed to loop so if your
presentation is not timed with the audio, it could start playing over before the presentation is finished. We have customers who have been successful in this method. One problem with this approach is the use of interactive zones and how the audio could get out of sync.


2) Another workaround is using the background frame option to create a series of background images on a slide. Lets say you have a series of PowerPoint images you wanted to narrate. You can add all of those images to 1 slide and make them KEY frames. (a KEY frame means it will replace the current frame and any non KEY frames will be placed over it until the next KEY frame). Once you add all your images, you can narrate/time the slide and add any objects you want to slide. The timeline view will help you line things up properly. You're basically building your own little mini movie. Below is what it looks like to have 3 images/frames and which button I used to get there. You can see I added audio and a text box.

If you have the PPT open and want to get all the pages capture by VB into 1 slide, use the Background frame capture F12 in manual capture mode without cursors and this will build a single slide with all the pages. This is easier than importing each image as a frame.


Double-clicking on the frame will allow you to configure it (Duration/Key frame/etc)


Attached is the QVP for you to review and a link to how this looks on playback

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