How to load and launch embedded resource files

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How to load and launch embedded resource files

Postby James » Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:54 am

If you have ever used the HTML Frame section of the Project Properties, then you are aware that you can alter the default HTML code that is published (which we don't recommend unless you know what you are doing), add new HTML files you might want to call (like iFrames), or add resource files in case you wanted to build a custom HTML frame skin around your Viewlet. (like this: ... t_swf.html)


We recently expanded the ability to add almost any filetype to the project now using the Add File option. This will save these files into the HTML Frame file not the QVP so you should create a new Frame file so you don't mess with the default ones.

Here is the ADD FILE option


Here is how to create your own custom HTML frame


Here is my example frame that I created called pdfadded.qframe. You will see that I added a resource file called Vcam2_UserGuide.pdf to the frame.


Since the resource files will be published to the root folder you can now call this file from inside your project using a Relative URL.


Here is my example:


I will also attach the QVP file as well as the HTML frame file which you would need to put in your My Viewlet Assets folder for it to work.

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