Offline Activation Process (Step by Step)

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Offline Activation Process (Step by Step)

Postby James » Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:31 pm

We often have people ask how they can activate their license on a PC that is either behind a strict firewall, or does not have
Internet access. For this, we have created an offline activation process that you can perform on PC with proper access.

Here is a Viewlet example:

Step 1

Click on the License Activation link on the lower left section of the start page, or in the Help>Activate License area
This will bring up a box where you would fill in your activation code.


Step 2

Fill out the contact information for the owner of the license.


Step 3

Once you try to activate online, if there is a problem you will be prompted with several options. The first 2 links you can
click on will tell you more about setting up the proxy server settings or to unblock your firewall. The 3rd is the web activation
link. Click the highlighted link from this picture below.


Step 4

ViewletBuilder will popup a box that you will use to paste the confirmation code that you will obtain from the activation server. To
get this you will need to CLICK THE OPEN FOLDER ICON to open the generated URL that contains all the necessary information to activate.


Step 5

Once that link opens up in a new browser window, you will either be able to activate through the browser (if you have internet access available)
or you will need to COPY that URL and PASTE it into Notepad so you can open that URL on a PC with internet access. A common method is to
paste that URL into a text file and copy to a USB drive or on an internal network drive you can access from the PC you plan to activate on.


Step 6

Once you open that URL link on a PC with internet access, you will see an activate screen with all the values filled it. Click the submit button.


Step 7

The activation server will generate your Confirmation Code which you will need to highlight/copy/paste into a text file in order to transport
that back to the offline PC to paste into the box from Step 4


Step 8

This shows the confirmation code being pasted into the field.


Step 9

This shows the success message once you submit


I hope this helps!


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