How can I create custom branching / scoring options?

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How can I create custom branching / scoring options?

Postby James » Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:12 pm

We get asked this question a lot from people who want to do more than OnCorrect / OnIncorrect events for their scoring. While
we work on adding more custom branching options for the upcoming releases, we have created some documentation that will show
you how you can do this using the JavaScript capabilities already built into the application today (VB6 Pro/Ent & VQuiz3).

A common example would be creating a list of survey questions and assign different points to each answer..then
based on the total score at the end, have several different results/pages available.

I will upload a Zip file for you to download / extract and run the file Custom_Scoring.html to show you. This will walk you through a
detailed explanation of setting this up and links to example files.

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Knowledge of programming is certainly helpful, but you can follow the examples and get it working on your own. If you find you need
some hands-on support, we can work with you on a per-incident support ticket. ... m_plan.php

To hopefully not further confuse you, I will provide you a quick link to more detailed information on calling ActionScript methods in a Viewlet from JavaScript? This is really for someone who can program: ... tionscript


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