How do I get a Viewlet to close in an LMS?

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How do I get a Viewlet to close in an LMS?

Postby Jo » Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:18 am

ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz users have asked these two questions concerning closing a Viewlet published to an LMS.
How can you exit in the middle of Viewlet without sending scores? The Viewlet Close action doesn't seem to work in an LMS.

Can a Viewlet be set to close automatically on completion in an LMS?

We have found that different LMS's handle closing the SCO window differently. For example, a Viewlet running in an Accord LMS modal window will be closed automatically when the session is terminated, which normally happens at the end of the Viewlet. On the other hand, a Viewlet running in a SCORM Cloud popup window is not closed automatically.

The secret to configuring the Viewlet is two actions: Close Viewlet and Submit Final Scores. As of VB 6.2.13, Close Viewlet will terminate the LMS session as well as attemp to close the window. This is he same as the user closing the LMS window before the end of the Viewlet. The lesson will be marked Incomplete. Submit Final Scores (which is invoked automatically at the end of a Viewlet) will submit the final score and mark the lesson Completed as well as terminating the LMS session. To get the Viewlet to close on completion in both sorts of LMS's you can create a final slide that has an event with two actions: first Submit Final Scores and then Close Viewlet. For instance, on the final slide you could put Show Score in the onLoad event and have a Pause Zone and a button with the two actions.

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