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Flash security warning message

Postby James » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:47 pm

When you publish your Viewlet locally to a folder and play it back, do you see a warning message like this and wonder what it means?


The reason you see this is because the Viewlet is running from an Untrusted folder on your local PC and certain functions within the Viewlet require external access from the SWF that by default would only work when its loaded from a Webserver. You won't see these warnings when you Preview in the Browser or publish to the My Viewlets folder because we setup these "trusted" locations for you when you run ViewletBuilder/ViewletQuiz.

You can manage these or create new ones using this URL: ... ger04.html

If you want your Viewlet to access external files AND run from a filesystem or CD then you need to compile the Viewlet with "Local Access Mode" enabled. This tells the Viewlet that its OK to access the HTML file to load some Javascript or load another Viewlet onClick using the DisplayURL feature, etc. Here is where that checkbox is located.


Remember that a Viewlet's security can't be setup to work both on a webserver AND a CD/local at the same time, so you may need to create different outputs for different requirements.

Here are the 3 most common Javascript features within the software that can cause this warning message to appear (even in Local Access Mode)




To avoid this message appearing to your users, you should refrain from using these options in your final output. The DisplayURL New Window (Non-advanced) is the best option since it uses Flash to open a URL location instead of Javascript thus the need to access back to the HTML is not needed.


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