Generating Java Error on Install / Launch

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Generating Java Error on Install / Launch

Postby vmarm » Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:00 am

A customer recently generated a "java.lang.ExceptionInitializerError" when trying to install ViewletBuilder6 and it generated the java exception error. It turned out to be a simple security issue (customer didn't have security permissions to install the software under her profile). So, here's a tip: If you try to install ViewletBuilder6, make sure:

-The profile you are logged into allows you to install software (check security permissions / admin permissions)
-The profiles under which you will install software allow installation (check individual profile settings, possible custom security settings, etc.)

It will not solve this issue in all situations, but it a good place to check first. If this doesn't resolve the install / launch issue, report the issue immediate to Qarbon Support.

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