Issues with ViewletBuilder on Snow Leopard

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Issues with ViewletBuilder on Snow Leopard

Postby Andrew » Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:30 pm

ViewletBuilder6 is not yet fully supported on Snow Leopard. There have been reports of crashes when opening specific windows. We are working on a resolution. The problem appears to be caused when Java tries to emulate the OS X look and feel. For now you can work around the issue by turning off OS X look and feel emulation. The downside is that ViewletBuilder won't look like a native OS X application.

To turn off Look and Feel emulation do the following:

Start ViewletBuilder6
Open Preferences: From the ViewletBuilder6 Menu
Click on the Advanced Tab
Click on Change Java Settings:
Append "-Dqarbon.nolaf=true" to the end of the "Specify any additional VM Options" text box as shown below:

Picture 4.png

Click OK to close the dialogs and restart ViewletBuilder6
Andrew Branch

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