How do you create Rollover events?

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How do you create Rollover events?

Postby James » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:07 am


We've actually built a tool into the 2nd level toolbar to aid you in creating these. Let me walk you through the process using the rollover tool.
rollover0.png (930 Bytes) Viewed 9908 times

Step 1: Add the object to the slide that you want to appear and disappear on rollover. For the example I'm going to rollover an image so I added
that to the slide as well.


Step 2: Click the object so it highlights. You will see the rollover icon appear.


Step 3: Click the icon


Step 4: Draw your rollover area (I'm drawing it around the image)


Step 5: Click on the Event icon for the rollover area to see the action is setup for both rollover and rollout



If you don't want the object to hide after appearing just remove the rollout action.

This event can also be created manually as well.

(There was a bug in 6.2.0 that broke rollovers so prior versions or later versions will work fine)


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