How to Select Default Style Library for Buttons

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How to Select Default Style Library for Buttons

Postby Quercus » Wed Jun 21, 2017 6:04 am

According to the "Buttons" tutorial for ViewletBuilder 7 Professional, I should be able to select the button, then choose the Stylesheet Commands to apply one of the default button styles that I see are available in Library > Styles folder. I have attached an image of the dropdown menu.

When I choose "Select a Different Style for this Button, the only other styles available are for other objects within the current stylesheet. There are no button styles available. None of the .qtvns files that I see in the Library > Styles folder are linked to my open application. How do I map these styles so that I can select them in the application?
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Re: How to Select Default Style Library for Buttons

Postby James » Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:27 pm


It doesn't quite work that way. This option would be if you had manually created a new style (for example BUTTON 2) and you wanted to switch to that one. You can add a new style (not stylesheet) with the green PLUS.


Once you do you can select from those styles or switch to something different like a Note, etc.


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