Navigation for Viewlet Central in Viewlet Builder

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Navigation for Viewlet Central in Viewlet Builder

Postby alex.addington » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:57 am

I restricted the navigation of my Viewlet to only clicking the Next button on the slide. I now have a request to allow users to skip around to different questions by clicking the slides on the navigation bar on the left hand side. I can't seem to find that setting anywhere in Viewlet Builder anymore. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Navigation for Viewlet Central in Viewlet Builder

Postby Qathy » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:26 am


There are two areas you need to set up or have selected in order to display a Table of Contents, also referred to as a Sidebar.

Step 1.
a. Select the 'thumbnails' or slide(s) you want to have displayed in the Table of Contents.
b. Select the 'Table of Contents' icon along the second level (dynamic) toolbar.
c. Select the level in the Table of Contents you want to apply to the selected slide(s).
d. Repeat these steps for each slide(s) as needed.


Step 2.
a. Select Project > Project Properties from the menu bar.
b. Select "ViewletSkin" from the left navigation list in the window that displays.
c. Select your desired ViewletSkin.
d. Select the 'Sidebar' tab for your selected ViewletSkin.
e. Select the desired options for your Table of Contents/Sidebar (this is fairly straightforward at this step).


Compile/Publish your Viewlet and you should see the Table of Contents displayed when the Viewlet is played.

That should cover all the steps. Good luck and Happy Viewleting!

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