Calculating Download Speeds

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Calculating Download Speeds

Postby vmarm » Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:40 am

A customer asked how to calculate download speeds for Viewlets and though ViewletBuilder provides general guidelines when setting up Properties for publishing in the Project Properties dialog window, it doesn't provide "exact" estimates based on file size and different band widths. There are many, many sites that provides charts to determine download speeds based on file sizes and bandwidths. Once such is: Of course, this is just one of hundreds.

My question to fellow Viewlet authors: Do you see a need for this type of a feature within Qarbon's products? Or, what resource (or site, if any) do you use to calculate download times for your Viewlets? We'd like to know.

Looking forward to your input and Happy Viewleting!

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Re: Calculating Download Speeds

Postby musictec » Mon Apr 11, 2011 9:00 am

My 2cts on this is it's good to have this feature but not very important as my trainees would need to download and view a viewlet no matter how long it takes! Of course, setting the % load time before playback may help somewhat too :)


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