Flash movies paused in background in Chrome

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Flash movies paused in background in Chrome

Postby vmarm » Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:50 am

FYI to Chrome Users:
While testing, our dev team noticed an interesting issue in Google Chrome not seen other browsers. Probably to improve performance, Chrome somehow seems to suspend Flash movies running in tabs (not being actively viewed) that are on the "background". This "suspension" also affects Viewlets. For example, if you're viewing a Viewlet and switch to another tab, the Viewlet will freeze as if it was paused. Then, when you switch back to the tab the Viewlet will automatically resume.

So far, we have not detected any adverse effects (more testing will be needed to determine if there are any), but it's something we wanted to point out. Also, if you host your Viewlets on ViewletCentral, if you have, for example, a 15-second slide in a Viewlet, when viewed, it can easily be reported (to ViewletCentral) as lasting for over a minute even if the Viewlet (due to this suspension activity in Chrome) was not paused by the user (the user could have been just checking something in another tab).

Has any one else experienced this or have any thoughts?

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