F11 in IE6 and Firefox .6

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F11 in IE6 and Firefox .6

Postby andref » Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:50 am


Is there a way to bypass / override the F11 function in IE6 so that it can be set to function as something different in a Viewlet? For example, F11 in Oracle is the search shortcut, be we have to show users the mouse alternative because setting F11 as a keystroke in a Viewlet just maximizes the IE6 screen. Firefox 3.6 handles this correctly, by the way. We seem to be stuck with IE6, at least for the time being, so upgrading is not an option, not that I know if it's better in IE 7 or 8. Any ideas would be welcome - thanks!

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Re: F11 in IE6 and Firefox .6

Postby Michal » Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:52 am

Hi andref,

it's not possible to block the F11 key in IE. It's possible to add a JavaScript code to the web page, but this will block the F11 key only when the Viewlet doesn't have focus.

IE is working different than FF, Chrome, Opera ... When Viewlet has focus in FF, Chrome, ... then all keys are trapped by the Flash Player and aren't sent to the browser. In IE, even if the key is catched by Flash Player, IE still handles this key, but not in the HTML document level, so the key isn't blocked by the script below. I guess it's only catched by the IE application, not sent to the HTML document in this case.

Here is the code, it may help someone:
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function blockFullScreen() {
   if ( (event.keyCode == 122) )
      event.keyCode = 0;
      event.returnValue = false;
<body onkeydown="blockFullScreen()">

But as I've mentioned above, it's working only when Viewlet doesn't have focus, I think, it's not solution for you.

Best regards,

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