Evaluation Guide for ViewletBuilder & ViewletQuiz

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Evaluation Guide for ViewletBuilder & ViewletQuiz

Postby Jim » Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:04 pm

Qarbon makes it easy to experience the benefits and quality of their software and services. So feel free to "kick the tires" and share with colleagues.

This information here applies to the Windows and Mac OS X versions of ViewletBuilder Pro, ViewletQuiz, and ViewletBuilder Enterprise (which is the combination of ViewletBuilder and ViewletQuiz under one interface).

You can download the unlicensed version of the software (a fully functional unlicensed version that never times out). It can be downloaded from:
Just Save it to your hard drive and install from there.

This unlicensed version will become licensed when a license key is entered into it. After a license is activated, the prominent watermarks embedded in unlicensed projects can be removed from projects created on that same machine. Meanwhile, unlicensed projects can be seen and shared without watermarks by publishing them to a free "Discovery" account on ViewletCentral. The Discovery account allows up to two Viewlets in that account at any one time. Your free Discovery account does not expire. To create a free Discovery account, just browse to:
This will open a Viewlet (made with ViewletBuilder6 Pro) on how to Preview and Publish Viewlets. At the bottom of the first screen, click on "... ViewletCentral", and then "Continue" on the next slide. This will show you how to set up your ViewletCentral account, and then publish to it.

Here is a link to another post in this free User Forum that lists the resources available for all users of Qarbon software.
This forum allows searches on key words to find topics pertinent to your interests. Forum Members can also post comments or questions to Qarbon team members and other power users. Registration as a member is free.

Note: The Online Viewlet Tutorials sections for each product are a good example of how Viewlet links provided by ViewletCentral can be "dressed" up on a web page like an index. The Viewlets are actually hosted on ViewletCentral.

Since 1999 ViewletBuilder has allowed users to easily create and publish interactive online tutorials, demos, and support screencasts viewable through most any browser. Unlike full-motion capture software, ViewletBuilder "Viewlets" (actually Flash .swf - and soon, .flv* - files) have a much smaller footprint and can be much more interactive and compelling. Viewlet projects are much easier to update than "movie" projects.
* the .flv format will allow publishing directly to sites like YouTube.

Enjoy your explorations!

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