Deleting Frames Affects Sound Layer

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Deleting Frames Affects Sound Layer

Postby vmarm » Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:06 am

In earlier versions of ViewletCam, prior to ViewletCam2 releases, when you deleted frames along the timeline, it did not affect the Sound layer, causing the Sound Layer to go "out of sync" with the main Graphics layer.

In current versions of ViewletCam2, now, when you delete any frames -along the timeline, it will also delete the corresponding frames along the Sound Layer, whether or not the Sound Layer is synched up with the Graphics layer.

What do you do if you do NOT want to delete frames on the Sound Layer?
-If you recorded using ViewletCam2, go into the project file and make a copy (using a different name) of the WAV file.
-You can then either remove the sound layer from the vcp file (or leave it) and edit / delete your frames as needed.
-Once desired frames are deleted, remove (if it is still in your project) the Sound Layer.
-Insert the copy of the original sound layer into the project and sync it with the Graphics layer.

Happy Viewlet-ing!

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