Layer controls don't work properly

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Layer controls don't work properly

Postby tony2476 » Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:01 pm

Occasionally I have to editing text boxes in my file while the boxes are grouped.

After I edit the text, sometime the text box needs to be "Ungrouped" so that I can resize the text box to accommodate the extra text that I have recently added.

When I "ungroup" the layer in question, the "ungrouped" elements are always moved to the very TOP layer.

This is annoying because when I am trying to fine tune the "timing" of when certain text boxes appear along the time line, it is easiest when the layers show one on top of each other.

But when I finish editing the layer and "ReGroup" everything, the layer is now permanently stuck as the top layer in the file.
I can move the layer along the timeline OK, I am just blocked from altering the positioning of the layers in relation to all other layers in the file.

Every function I try (CRTL + B, CRTL + D, CRTL + U, CRTL + T) are all equally ineffective at dislodging the layer from it's top spot.

Can anyone tell me WHY this is happenning and how I can get these layers "unfrozen" ? :(


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Re: Layer controls don't work properly

Postby vmarm » Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:10 am

I've tried to reproduce this issue using the steps you've described and have not run into any problems with freezing layers. At this point, it might be better if you submitted this as a support issue so we can go ahead and open a case for you on it. If you want to pursue it, please go to our online form at:

Please mention that you posted this in the forum and were asked to submit a ticket. At that point, support may request you to send a sample file where this is happening for them to look at and test.

We'll be looking for your support inquiry. Thanks.

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