Layer Lock does NOT completely LOCK the layer.

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Layer Lock does NOT completely LOCK the layer.

Postby tony2476 » Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:44 pm

Why doesn't the Layer Lock feature completely LOCK the layer.

When I have finished editing a Layer, I want to LOCK it so that nothing about the layer can be changed (until I Unlock it.)

However, the LOCK feature does NOT completely LOCK the layer.

After a layer has been Locked, I am blocked from editing it, BUT it is still able to moved back and forth along the timeline.

The UserGuide states that the Layer is "Locked" to prevent it from being editing. However, one of the aspects of the layer in not just the TEXT content within the layer, but also it's position on the timeline.

This is problematic when you are working with multiple layers because if you want to make a copy of a layer and move it to a new section and you grab the WRONG layer (one that you think is LOCKED) the system will move whatever you click and then all of a sudden a layer which you expect to appear at a specific location on the timeline is no longer appearing.

Only by further investigation is the missing layer found and return it to it's proper position in the timeline.

So my question is HOW do I LOCK a Layer so that it is completely Locked-Down so that the text can't be changed AND the timeline positioning can't be altered either.

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Re: Layer Lock does NOT completely LOCK the layer.

Postby vmarm » Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:58 am

I will need to have our documentation team change the instructions in the user manual. Currently, when you lock a frame, it prevents you from editing it by clicking on it from the stage (canvas area). However, if you try to edit it along the Timeline, you are not prevented from editing. Timeline editing will allow you to move it, increase its duration and right click to select/change its Properties. I will pass this information on the development team as well to see about having a "fully locked layer" function in place (including blocking Timeline editing) until the layer is unlocked.

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