Pause, Save, and Restart over an Extended Slide Deck

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Pause, Save, and Restart over an Extended Slide Deck

Postby alag8r » Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:09 am

I am trialing ViewletCam2 for a Telecom Consortium. We are looking to use ViewletCam2 to capture audio with powerpoint at our best practice conferences.

We compile a single slide deck in powerpoint that spans several presenter's presentations. We would like to be able to record a single presenter's presentation, stop the slide show when the presenter is finished, save the presenter's .vcp file, restart the slide show from that point, and start recording from that same point.

When I test the ability to start the slide show from any slide within the slide deck using viewletcam2, the slide show always starts from slide one.

Is is possible to have viewlet2 start recording the slide show from any slide other than slide 1?


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Re: Pause, Save, and Restart over an Extended Slide Deck

Postby vmarm » Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:00 pm

I understand what you are trying to do, but ViewletCam2 does not include the functionality to start a new recording session from a targeted frame along the Timeline. And, in your example, this would not be considered a "best practice" way of doing what you want to do. There is, however, a process built into ViewletCam2 to accomplish what you need. I used it myself when creating a 17-minute Quick Tour of our products over a 10 hour period. The key: Recording individual VCP files, numbering each in a specific sequence for identification purposes later (without having to open each one) and using a standard "capture method and size" for each recording session so you can eventually merge all the individual projects in to one big master one.

Here's the steps:
1. Create a ppt project that you will have ViewletCam2 record for your "baseline" VCP "Master" file into which later you will also merge your other files.
2. Use ViewletCam2 to record that ppt file and save it as a "Master" in the title.
3. Close the file.
4. Using the same "Capture method" and "recording size" (unless you are using the ViewletCam Add-on for PowerPoint) from within ppt to record, then you won't need to specify these, record each of your other ppt files, saving each into indiviudal, smaller VCP files, numbering them so they remain in the correct sequence.
*Note: Doing this is a good approach because if you mess up during recording a smaller file, it's easier to go back from scratch and start the recording for the smaller file then having to redo the ENTIRE master VCP file.
5. Once all the VCP files are created, make sure that all of them are closed--to be sure, close ViewletCam2 and reopen the program.
6. Outside ViewletCam2, make backup copies of ALL your smaller files.
7. Open the "Master" VCP file, play it to the end frame along the Timeline (you don't have to, but it's good to review it). Then, select "Tools > "Merge Movie" from the menu bar.
8. Select "at the end" as the option for "Where to insert movie". Keep the default alignment.
9. Browse for and select the next VCP file (one of the small, individual ones) you want to add at the end of this MASTER file.

...Do you see where this is going?

10. Once the other file is selected, click "OK" and the second movie will be inserted at the end of the current. (This will not affect any of the original files, but just in case, make a backup before doing these steps).
11. Repeat these steps for each file you want to include.

Depending on audio, etc. you may need to "tweak" some frames at point where projects are merged. Recommendation: You could create a small ppt file that has slides the work as a standard transition between one presenter's ppts and the next. Save it as its own VCP file and insert it in between each of the presenters ppt (vcp) files as you merge everything into the Master. This will make life a WHOLE lot easier when editing the final master.

And, that's all there is too it. I had fantastic results following this approach, like I said, to create the tour Viewlet over the course of approximately 10 hours. To see the end results of what I accomplished, here's the link:

This file is actually the merging of approximately 20 or so smaller VCP files with their own audio tracks. So, you see, you can accomplish what you want, using these "best practice" methods with recording ppt files with ViewletCam2.

Hope this helps! Happy Viewleting!

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Re: Pause, Save, and Restart over an Extended Slide Deck

Postby alag8r » Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:54 pm

Thanks for the help. It guess I wasn't clear. The best practice conference is a live event with live presenters. There is no pre-production of the presentations.

We want to use ViewletCam2 to capture the presenter's audio and sync it with their powerpoint presentations. Then we will have an avi file for each individual presenter that we can make available for future reference on our website.

Looks like we will plan on not having one all encompassing slide deck. Instead, we will have individual files for each presenter's presentation and launch ViewletCam2 each time a presenter gets up and speaks to the audience.

I think it will work, we just need to work out some of the A/V details so the audience doesn't see us off-line changing presentations and relaunching ViewletCam2.

Again thanks for the help.

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