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Viewlet Quiz 2 - SWF

Postby PKPS » Tue Jun 19, 2007 4:00 am

This is an instance of running before we can walk. We are trialling a sister product that we hope will interweave with Viewlet Quiz 2.

We are using (The Character Builder) Media Semantics to construct .swf animated avatars. This involves a TTS engine that mixes a .wav or .mp3 file to a character, then outputs the html and .swf file.

When importing the .swf in Quiz as movie, it does not show up. We have also tried creating a button to play the .swf, but it does not work. We have embedded the.swf file in a web page and it works, as well as getting it to play in (Articulate Quizmaker & Wondershare Quizmaker).

We have managed to play other .swf in Viewlet Quiz 2, so we are at a loss.

If possible can i upload this .swf to someone, who maybe be able to explain the problem that we have.

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Postby James » Tue Jun 19, 2007 7:24 am

We have worked with MediaSemantics for awhile now and made sure that we can work with their products. I think it would be helpful to get Doug with MS involved. Can you send me a Private Message (PM) with your email and I'll get things started.

Here one Doug did for me to test.

We embedded this in VB5/VQuiz

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