Sharing / Reporting Options

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Sharing / Reporting Options

Postby James » Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:41 am

Question from a customer:

I am still trying to figure out how to share the ViewletQuiz that I create with our employees. Let me explain our circumstances and maybe you can tell me point blank the most cost effective way to share the quiz and report on the score.

We are an appraisal company and have 35 employees scattered throughout the Southeastern United States. I need to be able to allow our employees to access the ViewletQuiz and receive a report on the quiz that they take for each Training Manual I have created within the Viewlet.

I have already published one Viewlet to Viewlet Central and it will not allow anymore.

When it comes to reporting, there are a few options:

1) Publish to ViewletCentral - You can open a free account with a banner ad on top which has a limit of 2 projects at any one time. You can convert to a paid plan if you want to remove the banner ad or add additional space :

To create an FREE account:

Typically only the creator of the Quiz gets the run the reports and view the results. If you wanted to have a Certificate of Completion PDF get emailed to the person passing the Quiz, this is another feature available that you can use. You can also configure it to CC the administrator as well. You can generate a sample here:

We also sell the ViewletCentral software if you want to install it on your own server without space limitations.

2) Publish to your website - You can output the file to your My Viewlets folder on your PC (or any other location you choose / FTP, Network, Etc) and use our free email reporting system. This will email you each time someone takes your Quiz and provide you the results. See the steps below to choose your reporting option.



3) Custom - There is way to bypass all the reporting options we offer and create your own too. This requires some programming skills to create the receiving portion of the solution but once you have that we can post the results directly to your server.

ViewletCentral has been designed to provide you the best "Ease of Use" scenario for a minimal fee.


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