Configuring Composica Pre-Tests for Course Credit

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Configuring Composica Pre-Tests for Course Credit

Postby Qathy » Tue May 27, 2014 6:44 am

Here is the scenario that our Composica authors keep asking. Is there any way I can design a pre-test at the beginning of my course whereby if the viewer passes the test they are informed they do NOT have to take the rest of the test? In this same situation, if the viewer doesn't pass the pre-test, they are then forced to take the entire course, including an end of the course test. Finally, if they fail the pre-test, I do not want the pre-test results to be included as part of the entire course test. What can I do?

The design setup below along with some custom scripting can achieve these results:

1.Configure the course to be marked as completed/passed when all participating tests are passed (done in the SCORM tab of Run-time Properties).

2.Set the pre-test to not participate in global score (done in Project Manager).

3.Include the following script in the test feedback page (via View > HTML Mode) of the pre-test:

<script defer>
if (window.Navigation) {
var oPreTest=oConfig.selectNodes('//structure//test[@globalScore="false"]')[0],
oTest=oConfig.selectNodes('//structure//test[not(@globalScore) or @globalScore="true"]')[0];

if (oPreTest.getAttribute("status")=="passed") {

4.In the very same page, make sure to only present the "Next" button if the test was failed (for example, by placing the button inside the Failed Feedback element), and make sure the Passed Feedback includes a "You don't need to go any further in the course" along with a "Close" button.

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