Moving Composica from One Server to Another

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Moving Composica from One Server to Another

Postby Qathy » Fri May 09, 2014 7:54 am

Do you have any procedures for moving Composica from one server to another?

We have a well-tested and working procedure to move Composica from one server to another, along with all of its configuration and content. Follow these steps carefully:

1. Install Composica and the Composica media library on the new server (see installation guide). Make sure you install it on the applicable drive (for example, drive C:), if you want everything there in the new server.

2. Open the new server's database server and remove (drop) the generated ‘Composica’ database created in step #1.

3. Move the ‘Composica’ database from the old server to the new server (via detach/attach or backup/restore).

4. Make sure the Composica windows user has read/write access to the new database.

5. Move all projects and courses to the new server (everything under Composica\Greymagic\System\Projects and in Composica\Courses).

6. Update the DNS so that the Composica hostname points to the new server’s IP. Note: if DNS can’t be updated and the hostname must change, more steps are required. Hopefully this is not the case.

Once that’s done, test that the move was smooth and everything is working properly.

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