Corporate Proxies / Virus Scanners / Firewalls

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Corporate Proxies / Virus Scanners / Firewalls

Postby James » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:44 am

There are very rare occasions where Composica ASP will not load correctly across multiple machines on an internal corporate network. The issue is usually caused by network hiccup while loading a main page and then that page is cached by the proxy in its broken state so it keeps being broken in subsequent loads.

The solution is the regular solution for proxy cache. Either ask IT to clear the proxy cache (or even better, permanently exclude Composica from caching), or go to a slightly different URL (i.e. - all uppercase), which will bypass the proxy cache.

We've also seen an external virus scanner called SquidClamAV 6.10 see Composica as a virus and cause it not to load correctly. Please make sure you check with IT about proxies, firewalls and virus scanners if you experience abnormal behavior trying to use the application in your browser.

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